Mobile devices propel domain of gifting

On the eve of this Mother’s Day, a cloud-based new enterprise solution provider for both B2C and B2B gift cards was busy powering the merchant gift card programs, to give many last minute shoppers and those who could not be with their Moms on this very special day with personalized gifts. This symbolizes the infusion of technology, especially the mobile devices in the domain of gifting.

As modern moms get tech-savvy and actively use in day to day activities, digital gift cards are coming in extremely handy for those keen to shop via these devices. The senior vice president (business development) of Transaction Wireless, Thomas Niedbalski, has been quoted as saying, “We have already witnessed sales almost double in the last week or so. Additionally, adoption rates of these digital gift cards increase year over year amongst moms as they look to leverage the mobile devices including smartphones for purpose of shopping and also for storing the gift card itself.”

According to him, Mother’s Day celebrations have become a major milestone holiday for the industry of digital gift cards as those last minute shoppers can easily leverage the convenience, personalization and immediacy of this kind of gift. National Retail Federation has estimated close to $2 billion are going to be spent only on gift cards for Mother’s Day besides $1.5 billion on the spa services. Blending the two is SpaWish, a Transaction Wireless client. Their e-gift cards are perfect to gift moms with a soothing day at the spa.

The latter powered a special deal for the occasion via its other client, Groupon, offering branded e-gift cards. Steven Kane of SpaFinder Wellness stated this day is among the most popular holidays for our brands as most mothers prefer an exclusive day to themselves just to relax. “The simple platform solution makes it easier to gift people in an efficient and timely manner,” he quipped.

Additional merchants who leveraged the TW platform for Mother’s Day included Applebee’s that offered a special digital bonus card to customers purchasing a minimum $50 digital gift card; HP TwoSmiles, recently unveiled as a unique greeting card and gift card product, which is print-on-demand, provides a variety of Mother’s Day greeting artwork. Many others like Boston Market, Fandango, California Pizza Kitchen, Olive Garden, Red Robin etc provided themed card art for a truly personal touch.

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