Make your brand go places with Norquest

This is one enterprise the founder-owners of which espouse a long term vision with complete commitment to customers. We are referring to Norquest Brands Private Limited, known to make and ship high quality bags to customers all across the globe.

There is no charge for previously printed/non-printed samples but you will be required to bear the cost of shipping. For those interested in doing business, can get a representative sample set of 25 styles of your choice. These will cost just $ 250. There is no issue doing as few as 50 bags and our turnaround time is also very quick. Please note that these are ex-factory prices; they do not include shipping and printing. Once the design you want plus the number of colors you require and the destination is known, you’ll get an exact quote.

You can get your company name/logo/message printed at a small one time setup cost per design plus a basic cost calculated per color / impression for small runs up to 500 bags that goes down further for higher quantities. You can send your design by email, preferably vector images as the same can resized sans any distortions.

Their goal is to give the business stakeholders the best value for their money and the highest standards of service. The website notes: “We recognize, we can only offer that kind of service to our customers if we get that kind of support from all our other stakeholders that include employees and suppliers of goods and services.

“It’s therefore our goal to constantly strive to earn the goodwill and trust of all these stakeholders. Our goal is to give the customers the service they desire in the most efficient manner possible. It’s our job to understand and fulfill their aspirations.” Give it a try and make your brand go places with Norquest! It’ll prove to be fruitful partnership, for sure…

Norquest Brands

Norquest House, Udyan Marg, Mithakali, Ahmedabad 380006
Phone numbers: +91 79 2646 1626, 2646 3331.
Fax: +91 79 2644 1812

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