Magnificent Mouth and Foot Painting Artists’ work for corporate gifting

The seeds of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists cooperative were sown in 1956. This was the year when a polio-stricken mouth artist, Erich Stegmann, brought together a small group of disabled painters from eight countries of Europe, spreading its wings around the world including India. Their branded objects will make a perfect gift, signifying your commitment to a great cause.

The association has been operational in India since 1980.The Indian arm is a member of the International Association that runs its affairs from the headquarters in Liechtenstein. MFPA India office is in Mumbai. The artists largely work from their own homes and submit their works to the managing board for careful assessment. The pieces chosen are reproduced on various products like seasonal cards and annual calendars.

Many of the MFPA artists deliver talks and give demonstrations to schools and other interested groups, providing a clear understanding of the activities being conducted by the Association as well as several possibilities and avenues open to the disabled people given the scope.

The international organization of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, owned by the artist members themselves, looks to:

•    Build contact with people who are either artists who have lost the use of their hands and/or legs through accident or illness and who paint with the brush held in their mouth or between their toes; or disabled people who wish to learn to paint and support themselves through the sale of their work.

•    Take care of its artists’ interests by helping them to sell their work, primarily in the form of reproductions as greetings cards, calendars and other artwork; publish material which communicates and supports the purpose of the organization; help disabled artists to attain self-respect, creative fulfillment and financial security.

•    Create a countrywide marketing network to make MFPA products easily available to people. Make the people aware about these incredible artists who earn their livelihood through art despite their disabilities.

A small number of able-bodied staff are employed to look after marketing, distribution and those matters with which the disabled artists need expert advice or cannot physically cope themselves.The differently abled artist’s works are canvassed in the form of calendars, prints, greetings cards will make a delightful gift. You can thus be a proud part of unique worldwide movement that blends art and social commitment.

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