Madhuri Dixit receives surprise gifts from her hubby

Change is the only constant in human life, as they say. However, not many are able to take to change – gradual or sudden easily. The erstwhile Bollywood queen, Madhuri, Dixit is an exception to this. Not long ago, she was the undisputed number one heroine – the most in demand actor – of Bollywood, Madhuri’s birthday was a major occasion of celebration for the industry. There used to be a lot of pomp and splendor then.

Things though have changed. In stark contrast to the earlier gloss and glamour, her birthday now is low-key. Her itinerary this year only had a visit to the museum nearby with Arin, her elder son along with his classmates. She was quoted as saying:”A few parents volunteered to accompany the children, so I volunteered too. I am happy, and hope to come to Mumbai in June when the kids get holidays.”

Her famous laugh has not diminished, and she is enjoying life away from spotlight in the US.  The DNA news report stated: “No one else has perhaps settled into anonymous domesticity better than her (Madhuri).” A true Taurean, she remarked, “We (Taureans) are supposed to be Rock of Gibraltar. I think that (description) fits me perfectly. I do not really let anything affect me too much. Once a Taurean takes a decision, he or she sticks to it, no matter what.”

What she looks forward to is free time with husband Ram Nene to go out. Discreetly revealing the secret of their happy and successful married life, she mentioned: “I met my Mr Right and immediately took the plunge. Every marriage is a gamble, and one has to make some adjustments all the time. But I am very happy and comfortable in my married life. I feel wonderful. It has been a good experience. Marriage and my family have completed me (as a person).

And when it’s her birthday, Ram often gives her surprise gifts on the birthday. What are they? Well, she is not going to divulge.

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