A gift that combines fashion and lifestyle

If you thought a ubiquitous traveling case was a mere utility just suited for carrying your clothes and essentials, it’s time think again. The same iron trunk makes an artistic transformation in the deft hands of designer-artist Rashmi Dogra. It becomes a high-end luxury item perfect for gifting.

The website describes ‘Fluke’ as the destination for today’s new design connoisseur, the platform where art, innovation and product design combine to serve needs of eclectic luxury in fashion and lifestyle. The site adds: “We strongly believe in mixing moderns with classics, colors with texture, simple lines with sexy curves and glamour with practicality. The limited edition products created by us are both visually and sensually delightful. Each product in our catalogue is crafted and painted by hand, following which all the products (paint & surface) are tested for its durability.

After years of professional painting, the creative artist has moved from working on canvas to lifestyle with her brand Fluke Design to make a ravishing range of bags and fabulous travel accessories, including clutches, big iron trunks, handbags, and much more. She wanted to reach out to more eclectic and art-savvy people with her art hence she conceived the label utilizing an eye for fashion.

The first product took almost a year to finalize as it was very important to ensure the durability and quality of the ingredients and color over seasonal changes, encompassing utility as well. After getting a choice clientele list of Bollywood actors, showbiz celebrities and eclectic international buyers, Rashmi Dogra turned her attention to iron trunks with her creative touch.

Her quirky albeit subtle sense of fashion reflects in the final product, which is conceived out of an iron trunk. It makes an original and highly individualized style statement, which will guarantee curious looks around. The creator states while she would not wish to typecast her buyers, those who tend to travel long distances with heavier equipment and still are keen on maintaining a style statement of their own swear by her flamboyant trunks.

So, if you want to charm of your friends or colleague with a surprising gift, there can be no better choice than Rashmi Dogra’s mesmerizing bags. Her usual trunks are about 20 inches in length, also depending on the specifications.

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