Love Barbie or hate her, but do gift her


Barbie sure is the most famous and treasure doll in the world. The coveted character just turned 50. The whole world including India joined in the frantic celebrations. And the party will go on right through the year.

Psychologists have debated whether Barbie advocated a highly consumerist lifestyle. She has also been blamed for her unnaturally skinny appearance, in comparison to other dolls available in the market. Some may love to hate the dazzling, but the fact is the adorable Barbie is still hugely popular.

The doll was first introduced in 1959. It still remains among the most popular icon of our times. Barbie has been everything – a career woman, a princess, a fashionista a dance diva and all what you can think of it to be. Her creator was Ruth Handler. The co-founder of Mattel wanted her to be essentially the young girl’s best friend. That’s what Barbie has always been!

Love Barbie or hate her, but do gift her. And a beautiful Barbie gift sure will invite a smile and cheer. You can consider Vera Wang’s adorable ‘bridal’ Barbie, in a white gown that comes with a black border, holding red flowers. It costs Rs 8,000 (exclusive of shipping charges).

To commemorate Barbie’s five decades of popularity, Roger Best was asked to design a doll especially for the milestone. Dressed in a pretty evening gown, in scintillating gold with sizzling sequins, a special bracelet and long earnings, she is available for just Rs 2,600. The bracelet is inscribed with “50” to mark the occasion.

It will be about a couple of months before Barbie arrives in India, it might be a wise move for even grown-ups to buy one and keep her in the closet. We tell you why? A mint condition Barbie of 1959 fetched $27,450 at an auction in May 2006. The same year, another Barbie went for £9,000. So, who knows?

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