Lost while buying gifts for your man?

‘What do get as a gift for your man?’ This the question women often ponder over with no definite clue. Though there is no unique or even generalized solution, you can certainly learn from experience or get tips from your more experienced friends. 

In fact, there was an interesting article on this topic by writer Joanna Lobo titled ‘The ordeal of buying gifts for men’ that appeared in the DNA News recently. The writer had a rather curious statement to make.” Ask a woman to climb a mountain, she will willingly do it. Ask her to climb it backwards; she may not do it, but will definitely give it a try!  However, ask the same female to get a gift for her husband/brother/boyfriend, and she may perhaps balk at the idea. For most females, getting gifts for their men is rather an arduous job.”

The main reason is non-availability of ideal gifts and also the fact that most men tend to shy away from memorabilia. Women will gush over how the clothes, jewelry, or a small knick-knack gifted to them. They will exclaim that it fits perfectly in so & so place or how the gifted item will match one of their particular outfits.

However, gift a showpiece to a man and his first question would be “where to put this?” The article quotes computer engineer Sandeep Bamane who faced this dilemma. Two of his enterprising friends presented him with a penholder.

It was a skeleton that held a basketball. “They thought it would be useful for me. But I hated it,” was his reaction. Many may believe that gifting a guy something weird and wacky is preferable. But that again does not always hold true. So what is the way out? We shall check out tomorrow…

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