Librains, Scorpions and Sagittarians traits for gifting

You may love astrology or hate it, but cannot ignore it. There are peculiar gift giving ideas relevant to each sign. Whether you are deliberating over what to gift your boss, your friend or mate on his/her birthday or any special occasion, their zodiac signs will give you clues for the suitable gift. Here, we consider Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius!


Boss: A Libra is invariably trying to strike a nice balance, represented by its sign – the scale. They constantly strive for balance, and harmony in life. Gifts like Ornate candle sticks (ensure it’s not a single piece, but comes as a pair), matching book ends, a classic watch, etc.- representing and recognizing these peculiar characteristics – appeal to a Libran boss.

Friend & Family: Venus, the planet of beauty and love, rules this sign. Gifts, which portray love and beauty, suit a Libran partner. Your choices can be paintings, a romantic dinner, and seductive hamper full of goodies. Wrap the gift attractively and tastefully as a Libra is insistent on good manners and propriety. Feng shui products like a crystal bowl, bamboo plants, chimes, which create peace and harmony, are recommended as gifts for a Libran friend. Home accessories like aroma candles, pair of vases, lamps will also work.


Boss: A Scorpio boss thinks of himself to be a super sleuth and analyst. He/she likes to remain somewhat mysterious. Ideal gifts for them would be books on illusion or magic, mystery novels, dark shaded glasses, etc.

Friend & Family: Gifts that bring out their character incorporate face masks, exotic massage lotions, seductive lingerie, etc. The two colors, which can turn them on, are Black and red. So, pick stuff in these shades. Very intuitive by nature, a Scorpio friend would like to receive something complex that others would find difficult to master. Great gifts are Tarot Kits (with the cards plus a tarot mastering guide), science kits, Ouija Boards, book on card tricks, complex spy games, etc.


Boss: For the Sagittarian boss – forever on the go – perfect gifts are classy luggage pieces, cell phones with a GPS tracker, a digital compass and travel guides / kits on various countries.

Friend & Family: They detest the idea of getting stuck at one place for long yearn for extended trips. The best choice for them would be an exotic vacation package to a place of their choice. They would love to receive travel books and accessories. Being active and fitness freaks, sports equipments and gym memberships will please them. The sign is ruled by Jupiter – the planet of fortune – hence, a lottery ticket will be good gift. A donation to their favorite cause will also be a nice idea keeping in mind their sharing and caring nature.

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