A leading brand in Food Processing, Packaging & Marketing of various Portion Pack in Blisters/Sachets/Pouches/Mini Glass Bottles, Mumbai-based Kwality Foods has been catering to the Hospitality Industry both in India and internationally for over two decades. It regularly introduces innovative products and today has over 40 of them on its list.

The Company is well into diverse products such as Filter Coffee Powder, Tea and Coffee Premixes, Canned Fruits /Juices, Roasted Coffee beans, Pineapple Slices /Titbit , Fruit Cocktail, Basmati Rice , Red Cherry, Mango Pulp, Indian Snacks (Farsaan), Paper Napkins, Refreshing Wet Tissue, Stainless Steel Cutlery Sets and Disposable Plastic Cutlery Set, among others.

Here’s what the company has to say about its brand and its products:

Kwality Foods is committed to delivering to its customers an increasing range of safe products of the finest possible quality, made under hygienic conditions. Our product line is of distinct ranges, which has given us the ability and edge to develop specific products for institutional customers.. We have enhanced the value of some of the most favoured brands with superior look packaging, using the best raw materials and processes.

It is said ‘Some of the most beautiful things in life come in small packages ‘ For instance , the Portion Pack Delight s of Kwality’s Jams/Marmalades , Pickles/Chutneys , Ketchup/Sauces , Honey in Blister Cups (12-15 gm) and Mini glass Bottles ( 25-28 gm) available in various flavours. The biggest advantage all our customers have is getting a one stop solution of the highest quality and unmatched service for all their needs from one point combinations.

Our product range also includes Portion Pack in Sachets; Salt/Pepper in single-twin pack, Sugar White/ Demerara, Aftermint (mouthfreshener), Dairy creamer, Tea Bags, Instant Coffee, Chat masala, Chilly Flakes , Oregano, toothpick and Cotton wool etc. There are Assorted Nuts (Almonds,Cashewnuts, Pistachios , macadamia Nut , Hazel nut ) 14-45 gm Pouches and 50-100 gm Cans , Tomato Ketchup in 10 –15 gm , Mustard,Soya , Chilly Sauce in 10 gm, Peanuts 15-25 gm , Salad Dressing 10 gm , Biscuits ,Drinking Chocolate , Straws, Condiment Set (3 in 1 or 4 in 1 sets).

Kwality Foods

311-314, Link Way Estate, Link Road, Near Innorbit Mall,
Malad (West), Mumbai – 400 064, Maharashtra, India.
Phone No: +91 2232922722
Tele Fax: +9122 67565959
E-mail: info@kwalityfoods.net

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