How to customize your offering?

It is extremely important to grasp the personality and mindset of an individual, including his or her tastes and likings. This will let you customize your gift idea. Here are a few tips and practical tips regarding the concept of customization and personalization:

Let us consider a few practical examples. If the person whom you want to gift is an avid book lover and likes reading real-life tales, you can gift him or her a title like ‘Hard Call: Great Decisions and the Extraordinary People Who Made Them’, a remarkable book by Senator John McCain who employs experiences of both people in extraordinary circumstances and extraordinary people for dramatically describing the ‘anatomy’ of great decision making.

An avid book-lover would certainly appreciate informative titles on Indian history, culture and great personalities from various walks of life. On the other hand, books like ‘A Prisoner of Birth’ by Jeffrey Archer or ‘Brida’ by Paulo Coelho will suit fiction loving individuals.

For an always on-the-go person, a built-in GPS receiver is a perfect gift. If the device carries an internal GPS receiver, the person can utilize it to exactly know the current position and upgrade to full navigation through turn-by-turn voice guidance. He or she can also utilize Nokia Maps, with an external GPS receiver.

As the person you want to gift is one always constantly on the move, a  collection that comprises a wide range of products, such as a Document Wallet designed to make mobility much easier, will be perfect. For the new-age globetrotters’ category, you can opt for Westside’s Globe Trotter collection inspired by the world traveler and safari influences. It will make an unconventional, yet appealing gift.

On the other hand, if the person is a nature lover, you can choose from a variety of plants to give a surprise gift. There are , creepers, climbers, annuals, biennials, Bonsai, cacti, ferns, palms, cycads, Grasses and bamboos and seasonal flowers hanging baskets. There is no dearth of choice for gifting indoor as well as outdoor plants. Healthy perennials or shrubs tend to grow quickly, and also look pleasing to the eyes. In a nutshell, it is important to know the person’s personality type to decide upon gift.

Ultimately, it’s not the amount of money that you spend on a gift that matters; it’s your effort and thought that is more important than the price tag.

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