Kerala craft varieties make a pleasant present

Kerala is among the must-visit states of India. Kerala, in many ways is aptly considered the jewel of India and handicraft especially is a precious nugget embedded into that dazzling jewel. The craft traditions of Kerala have all been perfected by the dedicated hands of the skilled craftsmen who thrive on wealth of forest riches.

The craft skills of the state artisans are entirely indigenous. The craftsmen can pick up any humble bit of material and then imbue it with a touch of magical mastery. The alchemy of these finished products of décor and utility is simply amazing. Woodcarving of Kerala, to give an example, is endowed with a rich and diverse variety of high quality tropical wood such as the distinguished rose wood, the indestructible teak, the luxuriant bamboo and the stately white cedar. It is but natural that the skills of the wood carvers are among Kerala’s timeless traditions.

For instance, craftsmen in Thiruvananthapuram work on rosewood elephants apart from conch and sea shell articles such as paper weights and lamp shades. The actual decorations and caparison for elephants, as well as other festival paraphernalia are done in Thiruvankulam, Ernakulam and the adjoining areas of Thrissur.

The god’s own country is famous for its carvings, cast bell metal work, granite idols, pillars, coir, jewelry, coconut carvings in wood (rosewood or sandalwood), shell and sea-shell products, superb snake boat models and other fabulous figurines. Each of these crafts is seen in select regions.

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