Jute: a lifestyle statement


There is a wide array of lifestyle jute products, which you can use and gift like attractive terracotta embedded items and wall decorative pieces. Jute craft is quite unique in terms of functionality, originality and looks. Popular items like decorative bags, lamp shades and flower pots part from handmade jute wall hanging make perfect gifts for people with unconventional, albeit classy tastes. You can get many more interesting and attractive jute products for gifting this festive season.

Jute products are noteworthy for perfection in design and dexterity in finishing. The jute handicraft represents skilled craftsmanship that transforms the natural jute into perfect gifting products with immense aesthetic appeal. Luxurious home décor products made of jute like cushion covers, tablemats, tea cosies and table covers go well with eclectic lifestyles.

Jute garments come in a spectrum of styles especially for festive occasions in embroidered, hand printed and dyed features.  Jute woven fabrics are used for attractive stuffed toys. Decorative pieces blended with spectacular embroidery made from jute look fabulous. Jute is a perfect medium to keep your household lively and luxurious. No surprise, cost-effective jute articles make catchy gifts.

Customized jute pouches bear a sign of individuality. Designer jute pouches are getting popular as a lifestyle product. They offer versatility in terms of designs, colors, sizes and styles, so you can get one to suit your style quotient. For instance, richly designed striped pouches in jute might fancy someone with a bold fashion sense and who loves looking look glamorous. These pouches make a bold style statement.

Jute lifestyle products lead one into an enchanting realm of unimagined opulence, and fill one’s life with color and joy. They accentuate the home décor through their exhilarating look and fine finish. They are bound to make a mark with their captivating look and high utility value.

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  1. Jute is one of the most versatile fabrics gifted to human being by nature that has several uses. Jute can be exemplified as a golden natural fiber with versatile application aspects ranging from low value geo textiles to high value carpet, apparel, composites, upholstery furnishings, decorative color boards, fancy non-woven’s for new products and many more….

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