Interesting Infotainment based Gifts for Children


After a long, hard day at school and then a walk back to tuition drains out poor, burdened schoolchildren. Won’t they appreciate a gift that offloads some of the stress and tension of studies and refreshes them?

Mitashi Kids products

Mitashi, a close to two decade old company, has some interesting playthings for kids. ThMitashi Video gameseir bouquet of products includes those for sheer entertainment like TV-video Games whereas some for infotainment like a talking educational computer that comes with multiple intellectual functions. They have expanded their product range with introduction of hand video games, kiddocam cameras, art sets apart from Fun & Learn series of CD-ROMS. Another good choice is their Pogo product for kids Trolley and school bags.

Mitashi Computer for KidsIf you want to offer a gift with high entertainment value, you can consider Cricket Mania and other wide range of games (Pullshot Games, Torch Plus games, E- games, Handheld Keychain games, Sudoku games, Color LCD games, Dual Screen games, etc.)
Kids Laptop Computers or Kiddy Laptop is another interesting offering from Mitashi. Mitashi Laptop for Kids

This talking computer incorporates handy features like English and Math Training with quiz; In-built intellectual and entertaining games, music composer & inbuilt songs and a learning System that improves knowledge and Memory.

The 10 +10 Plug in 1 N Play is an ultimate experience in traveling handgame with features like intelligent & IQ test based games, vibrant graphics display and soft touch buttons. It is a compact and portable entertainment device. You can get a glimpse of Mitashi products for gifting here

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