Interesting business books to gift – II

Subroto Bagchi’s late blind mother’s last few words to him were Go, kiss the world’. They became a sort of guiding principle for his life. Through simple words of pure wisdom and personal anecdotes, he brings to the aspiring professionals some valuable lessons in working and living.

Prompting ordinary to lead extraordinary lives

Subroto Bagchi grew up amidst what he calls the ‘material simplicity’ of rural and small-town Orissa, imbibing from his family a sense of contentment, constant wonder, connectedness to a larger whole and learning from unusual sources. From humble beginnings, he went on to achieve extraordinary professional success, eventually co-founding MindTree, one of India’s most admired software services companies. ‘Go Kiss the World’ urges us to recognize and develop their inner strengths, thereby helping us realize our potential.

What it takes to achieve greatness for companies?

An interesting book, titled ‘Great By Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos And Luck– Why Some Thrive Despite Them All’ by Jim Collins and Morten T Hansen  distinguishes itself from the former’s prior work by its focus not just on performance, but also on the type of unstable environments faced by leaders today. With a team of researchers, the two studied companies that rose to greatness – beating their industry indexes over fifteen years – in environs characterized by big forces and rapid shifts that leaders could not predict or control. The research team then contrasted these ‘10X companies’ to a carefully selected set of comparison companies that failed to achieve greatness.

Another document worth considering for the purpose of gifting is ‘The South Asian edition of Marketing Management’. It remains the bestselling textbook in the field because it continues to reflect the latest changes in marketing theory and practice. Retaining the original frameworks and concepts so vital to the book, this edition presents a contextually relevant text for students of the subcontinent by incorporating South Asian case studies and examples.

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