Inspirational gifts for successful SSC students

At a delicate stage of their life as well as their career, successful SSC students sure need a few words of advice as well as some highly useful practical and general knowledge. It will stand them in good stead as they are getting ready for the challenges ahead.

Books and publications that greatly help and guide them in the whole process will make the most Inspirational gift. Sean Covey has written several inspirational and resourceful books that will impart them with a new way of thinking.

‘The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens’ and ‘Daily Reflections for Highly Effective Teens’  is a must read for ambitious children. In the bestselling tradition of ‘Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul’, this useful guide talks loudly and convincingly to teenaged audiences and informs them about universal principles that are certain to enhance their effectiveness and help them in their future decision making process.

‘The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll ever Make: A Guide for Teens’ by the same author provides in-depth guidance and practical solutions to six major challenges every teenager faces.

Mention must also be made of The Competition Success Review (CSR), a publication that has promoted and stuck to the concept of positive thinking. It mentions: “The idea of success is so deeply embedded with the ethos of CSR that the reader is motivated to focus on the goal and put in his best. You dream success; you live success and ultimately achieve it.”

Staying tuned to the changing times CSR offers an outlet to the changing world. CSR yearbook and other General Knowledge (GK) books – a rich database of general knowledge – make a thoughtful gift for the career-minded students who are on the verge of entering a new challenging world. On the other hand, each edition of Manorama Yearbook, invariably more than a 1000-page volume, is also designed and projected as a special general knowledge resource.

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