Innovative Ideas To Make Your Colleagues Feel Good On ‘Be Positive Day’

Here are some more tips on eve of the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day that’s just round the corner.

Be Positive Day
Don’t have lunch at your desk: Consider heading out to a lovely local park instead of a fully air-conditioned restaurant with your colleagues. Go outdoors where you might enjoy your packed food. If you happen to work nearby your home, it’s a perfect idea to venture back and watch a funny TV show with your colleagues, and then jog back to office.
Tune in to music during the day: Listening to the music breaks up the monotony of work. You can share your CDs, MP3s and discuss your tastes with your colleagues. A little game of ‘Name That Tune’ even while busy doing your work will make your time pass by faster and also help you bond with your colleagues.

Plan a charity and get colleagues involved: Organize a monthly charity event to raise funds for some good cause. This will inspire your coworkers to join you. Instead of asking for donations, you can organize an event with some entry fee to get everyone involved. It will really be a lot of fun!
Read aloud inspiring quotes, poems, thoughts, jokes during your lunch & other breaks: If you like to read, make it a habit to read aloud during your breaks instead of grabbing a snack or sitting outside with a cigarette alone. Reading aloud inspiring quotes, poems, thoughts, jokes will take everyone’s mind off work and make their day a little more pleasant.

What else can we do to make our colleagues happy? Do you have more ideas? You can definitely share them with us. Such intangible stress-busters are the best gifts that you can give to stressed professionals in a highly demanding corporate culture. That’s the very essence of the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day.

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