Indulge in some prank with playful gifts

If you are in a mood to play prank and gift something that will stun the receiver, provided he or she doesn’t mind, here are some gift ideas that reflect and evoke animal instinct.

Great (fake) Cat in the Bag: Well, how and who fitted a cat in that bag? Who crammed the poor animal there? The puzzled receiver would want to know! Here lies the catch or the cat!! This great (fake) Cat in the Bag is truly a hilarious gag gift, which moves and shakes as if a real cat is there inside and trying to get out. The trick lies in a motorized ball inside the bag!

The humping dog: It’ll still strap onto anything and willingly show affection doggy style! Beware of the humping dog and his unique display of affection! Attach his front paws to any object around, give his ears a real squeeze and watch in fun as the little doggie barks and gyrates. Take the humping dog anywhere and watch in amusement as he humps anything he can put his paws onto. It gives him a great pleasure in having the straps on his front legs tied to an unsuspecting victim so he can huff and puff away at their leg getting faster, hyper and noisier.

Inflatable moose head: Why go through all those adventurous jungle journeys to hunt down a deer or moose to flaunt on your wall, when you can blow one up with air? An inflatable Deer/ Moose head is the perfect gift to arouse a false sense of bravery and jungle instinct. The giant moose head is perhaps one of the tackiest ever gifts you could present.

Swear Bear:These bears may appear cuddly and cute, but when squeezed they would lose control and temper. The foul-mouthed Swear Bear cusses like anything when you hug him! Give one to someone you are so much fond of…! Let Swear Bear reveal to them exactly how you feel! But do so at your own risk.

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