Ideals gifts for your respected teacher

Here are some more thoughtful gift ideas for your teacher on the eve of Teacher’s Day tomorrow (September 5).

Painted Glass Vase: Using your imagination, you can recycle a jar into a nice gift vase or pretty pencil pot, which will add some color to your teacher’s desk. The materials you need for creating a gift vase are a clean, empty jar, paintbrushes or cotton swabs, acrylic or liquid tempera paints, white glue and clear glaze, which can easily be available at a craft stores.

First, make the acrylic or oil paints stick to the glass, mix them with white glue. (Keep the color solution thick so it won’t drip or run.) Outline a deft design on the jar. Using cotton swabs or brushes fill in the colors. Use a paper towel to sharpen the painted edges before they dry up. Seal the finished jar design with a coat of glaze.

A few simple steps and just an hour’s time, that’s all it takes for your wonderful gift to be ready. You can also present a personalized flowerpot made of a clean, dry terra-cotta pot. Sketch a nice design on it with a pencil. Then decorate it with oil pastels.

For a more colorful and attractive base, brush on a smooth coat of acrylic paint first, let the paint dry overnight, and then color on the pot. As a finishing touch, add a flowering plant to the pot before presenting it to your teacher.

Pen & case set: You can present your favorite teacher, principal or mentor with a pretty pen and case set. It’s an essential tool they will require each day. This gift combines practicality with creative design, and hence is perfect!

Academic glass nameplate: You can go for a solid-glass nameplate that will make a lasting impression. Ensure that it is meticulously and correctly engraved with your teacher’s name and, if possible, along with a personalized message.

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