There are some exciting gifts for the romantic occasion from Swarovski such as its iconic heart shape; Crystalline USB Pen; vintage Rose Necklace; and a nice necklace, exclusively for her.

  • An elegant, gold-plated set is perfect for everyday wear. It includes a gorgeous pendant and matching pierced earrings, each adorned with two brilliant-cut clear crystals. The earrings come as a pair and the pendant comes on a chain.
  • Practical, stylish, and elegant, Crystalline USB Pen (Fuchsia) is an innovative accessory is both a ballpoint pen and a USB key. It opens in the middle to reveal a 4GB USB key. The body of the pen is filled with 200 Fuchsia crystals. The refill can be easily replaced.
  • An adorable white calfskin bag charm shows Hello Kitty in a red calfskin dress printed with black polka dots. She wears heart-shaped metal antennae and a red bow, both adorned with Light Siam pavé. This cute design comes with a stainless steel ring, hook, and Swarovski/Hello Kitty medallion.
  • An all-around vintage Rose Necklace will help you make a statement of feminine sophistication. This refined, rhodium-plated collar features two rows of Vintage Rose and clear crystals. Sparkling in nude tones, it is easy to combine with almost any dress or elegant outfit.
  • Love Turtledoves, a classic symbol of love, is an ideal gift for any romantic occasion. They shine in clear crystal with silver-tone metal beaks, and the female wears a clear crystal decoration on her tail. A metal heart charm adorned with clear crystal pavé dangles from the male’s beak.
  • Swarovski’s iconic heart shape sparkles in clear crystal with the Diamond Touch Light effect. The outer edge is adorned with Rose crystal Pointiage for a brilliant sparkle. The pendant comes on a rhodium-plated chain and is the perfect way to say I love you!
  • An exquisite necklace features a miniature version of Swarovski’s iconic Nirvana ring on a rhodium-plated chain. Beautifully crafted, it shimmers in Tanzanite crystal with a delicate Swanflower engraving on the top.
  • Symbolizing love and affection, a delicate heart is the ideal way to say I love you with a sparkle. Made from a single piece of clear crystal, its top is embellished with Crystal Comet Argent Light, to add extra brilliance and sparkle.

(Information courtesy: Swarovski)