How to maximize ROI of your gifting plan?

There is a definite link between corporate gifting to clients, employees and trade partners and tangible increase in business associations. Should this proposition not be enough to give you the confidence to make specific RoI (return-on-investment) projections in your marketing plan? In this context, here are some key aspects of a festive corporate gift plan that are often overlooked:

  • Many businesses prefer customized gifts, which carry a logo, hoping to create a lasting impression in the minds of recipients. When the item is a utility one likely to be used on day-to-day basis like a calendar, or coffee mug, there is a tackiness quotient to consider.
  • The customized items with a logo may make great trade show premiums or perfect leave-behinds, but they could never be considered deeply heartfelt gifts. It makes sense to indulge in blatant self-promotion only in cases where a gift’s logo does not create emotional damage to the user’s ego.
  • Opt for a creative idea. Your gift must be different and thoughtful, innovative and contemporary. It must help you and your brand stand out from the clutter. Instead of choosing a plain diary you may gift one made from handmade paper complete with the recipient’s name embossed on it.
  • If you are giving a gift to someone from a different country or culture, be careful about the selection to avoid any embarrassment. Make sure that the present is classy.
  • Deciding upon delivery and distribution mechanism of gifts is equally important. After you have finalized and packaged a gift, the issue is whether to courier it or present it in person? If the relationship warrants it, the idea of sending it to the recipient’s home can be considered to add a personal touch, especially when the gift commemorates your corporate friend’s personal occasion coinciding with a festival, or so.

The above tips will help you maximize the ROI of your gifting plan.

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