How to make your visit at Giftex 2019 successful?

Giftex being corporate gifting industry’s most awaited event is flooded with people. Professionals from various industries visit Giftex to find their desired product to be gifted to their corporate clients. Now to make the most of this even and find the right product whilst saving your time and energy, here are some tips to make your visit more efficient.  

Incorporate these 13 steps to make your visit to Giftex 2019 less time consuming and profitable.

  1. Be an early bird

It is important to be early at the expo as you get more time to plan your day and interact with more brands. Also, at times being there early helps you explore areas with restricted audience.

  1. Register yourself prior

Pre-registering for the event is important at expo especially when it is so grand. This will help you to skip the long queues and ensure a time-saving visit.

  1. Carry your id proof

Make sure you carry your id proof whether or not the trade show entrance asks for credentials.

  1. Book a hotel near to the venue in advance

If you are travelling then make sure you search for a hotel near to the venue to stay and book a room in advance. Also, search well about the commutation options to avoid last minute hassles.

  1. Dress comfortable and aptly for the event

We know many of you work on making your first impression memorable and thus dress to look your best. But while doing so make sure that your clothes are comfortable and help you face the Mumbai rains.

  1. Make a to-do-list and stick to it

Trade show is full of brands, competitors and opportunities. In such case you would definitely not want to miss out on a single opportunity. Prepare your to-do-list including ways to network and propose deals to your possible clients.

  1. Plan and map your path to visit the booths of your interest

Having an array of brands under one roof, we suggest it is best to study the floor plan of the event to even before the visit. Plan your path for visit as that will help you allot adequate time to your possible clients and make the most of your visit.

  1. Carry different payment forms

Although not every trade show allows trade inside the venue it is smart to be prepared with different payment options other than liquid cash such as PayTM, online transfer etc.

  1. Inform your bank about the visit

There are cases reported where the bank blocks card on being used in a small time span for security purpose. Make sure you inform your bank about your visit to be ensured with an error free transaction.

  1. Take care of your belongings

Trade shows are full of people and there are chances of getting your belongings misplaced. Hence, it is better to take care of your belongings.

  1. Keep your business cards handy

Carry adequate business cards to make sure you don’t fall short on them as the main motive of visiting the trade show is to network.

  1. Carry snacks and water

Even if it is a two day show trade shows usually goes for all day long and you might not want to go out of the venue and spend time in searching for an eatery. Also, if you are anticipating in seminars and classrooms you will need sufficient energy. Hence it is good to carry a snacks and water along.

  1. Stay for the entire event

Trade show is a place where a lot is happening under one roof and you might not want to miss out on grabbing that golden opportunity to network with your possible client. It is suggested to stay back for the entire event.

 To visit Giftex you can now pre-register yourself at

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