How to make your social gifting program successful?

To successfully break through this clutter, find a way out, get noticed and beat the competition, small brands are increasingly turning to fledgling social gifting platforms so as to send across gift cards and items to a large number of online fans.

As with several other new marketing avenues, however, the social gifting phenomenon can appear overwhelming for a section of SMBs. It can be a rather delicate balance at first to decide just how much of the products to offer through such type of platform. Here are a few tips on what they can do to make sure of a higher ROI on the social gifting promotions.

Encourage members into sharing ‘free’ gifts. While working with any social gifting platform, smaller businesses should well consider giving away ‘free’ gifts users can send across to friends. Attractive promotional gifts for free like a gift card, for instance, can be a cost-effective way to acquire new customers. When SMBs limit their offerings only to paid gifts only, they tend to constrain the number of friends users will actually consider sending their gift items to, and thus end up losing out on many of the intrinsic benefits of the social gifting phenomenon.

Make prospects aware of the promotional program. This might seem obvious. However, the reality is many business ventures fail to inform people about the promotions or programs they offer. The former should not assume their customers know beforehand about the social gifting program (for that matter, even gift certificates).

SMBs should not spam their prospective customers, but subtle reminders in form of e-newsletters along with links, signage in prominent places along the retail storefronts, and employees legitimately able to make mention of appropriate options during consumer engagement will go a long way to make social gifting successful.

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