Which are the aspects that together combine and contribute to a memorable gift idea? Appropriateness of a gift, its frequency, timing of the gift and the way its presented are the key aspects. We shall try to grasp the nuances of successful corporate gifting by elaborating on these elements:

Care should be taken to ensure that the gift selected by you reflects the core of any business relationship. This has nothing to do with the value or volume of business transacted, or for that matter, the time period for which one has been doing business with that particular client. It’s the attitude and mindset of the recipient that will determine the appropriateness of a gift. Just to explain, in case a client is slightly reserved in nature and more businesslike in approach, you should be extra careful. A lavish gift can backfire.

With any new relationship, personal or professional, avoid giving too lavish or too showy gifts on a frequent basis. Gift giving should be restricted to special occasions and major holidays. The true art of corporate gifting lies in choosing the event or occasion that will leave a profound and long-lasting impact on the relationship. For example, birthday gifts are bound to bring a great joy, since they indicate that you have remembered an important date even from a busy schedule.

Another ideal moment could be the day you initiated a business relationship or the anniversary of a new job. Other good occasions for a gift would be a promotion or completion of an important project. Importantly, the gift you give must come across as a heart-felt gesture. If you are casual about its presentation, it won’t have the desired impact. Special effort should be taken in packaging it. Spend some time to get a nice wrapping paper. Haphazard and careless packing will take away the interest of the recipient of the gift.

In essence, be sure to infuse finesse and subtlety if you are eager to make the most out of corporate gifting.

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