How about holidays as gift certificates?

Corporate entities can sure consider holidays as gift certificates to pep up the spirits of their workforce. They can opt to reward customers; it can be a promotion to boost sales. Loyal customers can be rewarded.

Whatever the scope of the incentive program, Travel Port can implement it. Travel Port CLS vacations can be availed at over 100 hotels and resorts in more than 50 popular destinations across the country and many more all over the world. The resort selection reflects highly rated hotel groups.

Travel Port looks to continually develop new and exciting incentives, such as the adventure special. Also on offer are travel CD Rom’s as well a online reward programs! Travel Port can manage every aspect of your Travel & Incentive program. They closely work with you to ensure that your corporate event is a success!

Their prefect on-site coordination allows you enough to interact with your clients, partners or co-workers during the program. Exceptional quality of their service ensures that you receive full value for your investment on Travel & Incentive program. Travel port ClS fills a very niche within the nascent incentive industry.

Planning a successful Incentive Group Travel or other group function requires a great deal of planning and follow-through. Your first step is of course, to select the right back-up organization that will provide you with innovative and creative ideas. Picking exciting destinations is another critical aspect of the successful implementation of your Travel & Incentive program.

Experience holds key. Travel port scores on this count. Their business is built around the core expertise of trained people. Their team comprises specialists with rich experience in Travel Arrangement (air, land and sea); Marketing promotion and incentives; and Hotel / Resort Management and Catering. The recipients can choose a destination that they wish to visit, and when it’s convenient for them.

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