Holi Hai!

“Do me a favour, let’s play Holi…”

crooned Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra in a blockbuster film with Akshay Kumar. In spite of the barrage of colours that they threw at each other and several others during the filming of the song sequence, Priyanka survived the ‘assault’ with her hair intact. Priyanka Chopra may recommend Sunsilk for the hair, but we recommend going a little deeper when it comes to keeping your hair and skin intact during one of India’s favourite festivals.

Holi hai..!!

  • Always buy your colours from a reputed brand.
  • Apply oil to your skin and hair before commencing with the celebrations; they coat your body with a protective layer.
  • Wear synthetic clothes – cotton clothing absorbs liquids only too well.
  • Use mostly gulal – it might not sound as fun as the water colours but it is a whole lot better for your skin and hair.
  • Use relatively safer colours like red and pink. Colours like purple, blue, green and yellow contain far more chemicals and are way too harmful.
  • Make sure that you keep a great soap and shampoo (no, not necessarily Sunsilk!) ready for your bath!

Holi Don’ts…

  • Go on a colour rampage on the streets in your car with your friends. That kind of fun suits only those uneducated or little educated hooligans who live in chawls or slums.
  • Force anybody to play. Holi is a very physical festival, so to speak; forcing someone to play by throwing water balloons at him or her is a serious invasion of one’s personal space.
  • Throw any colour at someone’s face. The chemicals in the colours have been known to damage people’s eyesight.
  • Play within throwing distance of the mithai and other food that may have been kept for the Holi party – you definitely don’t want to swallow any of the chemicals either!

So go safe this Holi and have clean good fun!

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