HLD: Have your Chinese Lantern Day at office

February 21 is Chinese Lantern Day and we suggest you take full advantage of the occasion to get some unusual gifts for your friends and colleagues at the office. Everybody loves Chinese lanterns – they’re quirky, fun and add a party element to a room.

You can get Chinese lanterns anywhere. The shops are easy to spot – they have large lanterns in various shapes, sizes and colours hanging outside. These paper lanterns have long been considered works of art and there is so much to choose from a decision can be quite mind-boggling!

For the office it is always advisable to get one of the less flamboyant ones. Opt for a smaller size and possibly a more straitlaced shape. If an office party is coming up, you can always go for a large dragon for the entrance or stars to hang from the ceiling. Where the office is concerned always have a pre-determined spot where the lantern will be set up and buy accordingly. It is important that you do not step out of bounds in the work arena and give a frivolous impression. When opting to personally gift a lantern to a colleague, choose a relatively small one as setting it up will end up being quite a task if the person does not live in a big house. Gifting a business partner or your own boss? A large dragon for his or her office foyer is a great idea – it symbolizes strength, power and productivity. Bold colours are more suitable in this last case, but for your own office choose something that is not quite so startling and distracting. Muted, ‘pretty’ colours do the trick when it comes to the office.

A Chinese lantern can brighten up anyone’s day with its unusual shape and the warm light that it throws upon the room. Much better than the usual staid lampshades, don’t you think!

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