High Quality Water Dancing Speaker from Wilmar Creations

High quality water dancing speaker from Wilmar Creations 


  • High quality water dancing speaker for iPhone iPod, iPad, Mac, PC, MP3, MP4.
  • The speaker can shoot water into the air while dancing to the rhythm of your music
  • 4 multi-colored LED lights dazzle in the dark, creating many awesome visual effects
  • Controls water dancing beats through the music player volume and tone
  • Streams music from audio devices such as cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, PCs and laptops
  • No battery power supply
  • Made by environmental protection material, 100% non-toxic and harmless
  • Innovative design, simple and convenient to use, suitable for home and office.




Water dancing speaker design inspiration comes from the principle of the fountain, after connect audio equipment, speakers will be overflowing with the water column of dazzle colour, in rhythm with music in the set off of color LED lights.Dual channel 3 d sound technology, low frequency enhancement technique, show the special quality.
USB power supply, standard 3.5 audio input interface, USB power supply line is about 1.2 meters long.
Stylish atmosphere, bass is outstanding, the design is unique!
Whether it deserves to go on a laptop or a desktop, is one of the highlights of computer peripheral.
Superb product design sophisticated, leak proof.

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