Healthier gifts seem to be norm this Diwali

From almond sweets prepared with ubiquitous unsweetened chocolates to organic tea and fruit-based sweet items or low fat brownies, there is a new flavor to Diwali gifts this year. They seem to have become healthier! Even while sticking to time-tasted traditions, people in cities like Hyderabad are turning health conscious this festive season, a TOI news report by Sarah Salvadore mentions.

The news report elaborates: “In order to maintain their weight on the scales and continue with their healthy way of living, Hyderabadis have gone the organic way when it comes of gifting this year. If you receive a pack of exotic jasmine tea or brownies made with saccharin and margarine, know for sure that your friends are not only trying to remain healthy this Diwali, but are also encouraging you to adopt a low cal lifestyle.”

People are gifting low cal almond chocolates and Florentine chocolates to their near and dear ones. There is a palpable digression from the traditional gifting route, as more and more people are hitting the gym, and are not keen to indulge in traditional mithais. People also now gift Chinese gongfu tea sets along with packets of Tulsi, Kombucha, Jasmine and other organic teas, as Diwali gifts.

These modern gifting ideas are also a hit as they impart the novelty factor a far cry from the usual traditional offerings. Such gifts also stand out from the crowd, and the receiver will remember for what you have sent them. Apart from the novelty factor, modern gifting ideas are also loved by older people who usually can’t indulge in mithais due to health reasons, as they are loaded with ghee, sugar and other high calorie ingredients. Hence, they prefer low cal brownies.

For those like Anju Jain, keeping the tastebuds of children in mind is very important when it comes to choosing the perfect gifting option this Diwali. To this end, she’s sending out cupcakes and fruit flavoured low cal chocolates as Diwali gifts this year, the news report points out.

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