Takshni is the maximum expression of handcrafted lost wax casting. At Takshni, we create sculptures and installations using 5700 years old direct lost wax casting technique.

Takshni means the chisel in Sanskrit; a tool for carving out tangible manifestations of creativity. It belongs to the realm of human expression where the hands of the creator work in synch with his imagination transcending the usual and the mundane. Takshni stands for empathy towards its craftsmen, reliability towards its customers and integrity towards its work.

At Takshni, we believe, craft is the primitivism to art’s modernism. In other words, almost all acknowledged art involve and require craft or its application of technique.  We at Takshni work endlessly in the strangest of escapades for exploration of our traditional crafts to fuse it with lost wax casting in order to discover the possibilities of the medium so that it is released from the boundaries of being preconceived and precise. Takshni’s moulded and chiselled alloys fused with stone, wood, iron, clay; mystifying intricacies and inherent richness of traditional crafts of our country epitomises artistic manifestations of creativity. They are created using nothing else but a set of gifted hands and some basic tools and equipment by the artisans residing in three states of India namely Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal.

Takshni has four verticals; Elementary, Fusion, Layering, Assemblage under three categories;

Cardinal– the elegant collection, captures the essence of everyday living with utility products such as desktop accessories, dining accessories, candle stands, tea light holders;

Carmine– the opulent collection, offers a prêt line of products which includes clocks, décor items, lamps and

Crimson– the exuberant collection composes of avant-garde and customized range of products.



At Giftex 2016, we would showcase our Cardinal and Crimson range. We are optimistic that we would meet the right buyers and will reach the right clientele who would not only appreciate our products but will also help us in creating a definable profile for Takshni along with bringing the social and commercial benefits to the artisan settlements in the most efficient manner.


Blog post by : Takshini

Please visit Takshni at stall # 72 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit www.giftex.in or call us on 022-22075256/57

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