Google Trends to know developments in corporate gifting

Google Trends is a handy tool that can offer unique and precise insight into a business niche, thus helping to form effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plans and marketing strategies. The free tool allows a user to easily compare, contrast and gauge the popularity in terms of volumes of a particular search term by using a wide array of filters like location, defined time-frame as well as type of search in local or global parameters (US, UK etc).

An interesting article by David Mercer on the website studies Google Trends from the point of view of corporate gifting industry to indicate how the keyword research tool can help fathom SEO trends and understand the broader market trends. As the writer states, it can tell you so much about your own business and the domain as a whole, apart from providing interesting marketing insights. The write-up gives a quick idea of using it for developing dynamic and flexible business plans by improving SEO techniques (search terms and keywords) for today’s corporate gifting industry as follows:

Corporate gift industry’ related search trends

While researching SEO keywords for the practically useful piece on 5 great ideas for corporate gifts, the writer decided to dig a bit deeper than usual to check if the recession had impacted corporate gifting. In other words, he wanted to find out if indeed the recession had hit the potential online search volumes for the term ‘corporate gifts’?  The answer to this is important from both an SEO and marketing perspective, the writer notes.

“Businesses have become a touch conservative in giving away gifts. This indicates there is now less appetite to spend more on ‘non-core’ expenses in the business world. The expert’s next immediate thought was that the term ‘corporate gifting’ had probably fallen out of favor.

Probing ‘corporate gifting’ online search synonyms

The practical solution was to employ the Google AdWords Keyword tool to look for any popular synonyms for the term ‘corporate gifts’ or ‘corporate gifting’. ‘Business gifts’ fits in nicely, so the researcher studied the relevant Google Trends comparison graph. Both search phrases seem to be going the way of the Dodo. Simply put, corporate gifting was suffering because of the struggling economy which again can be a temporary phenomenon. As it turned out, while corporate and business gifting has declined, ‘personalized gifts’ are still popular

The important aspect to note is how easily and quickly this marketing insight emerged via Google Trends.

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