Golf equipment and accessories make a great gift




Any of your professional or personal friends attempting a swing at the golf course cannot do without the following equipment and accessories. You can pick one or more in keeping with your budget.

The driver: This is the most electrifying club in the golf kit, not only since it hits the ball further than the other clubs, but also since watching the golf ball in flight gives a more gratifying feeling than most other acts and aspects in this particular sport. Properly fitted golf drivers play a major role in improving one’s game.

The golf clubs or irons: They are traditionally thought to be the unrecognized or unsung heroes in a golfer’s kit. They are the scoring clubs and also the most used clubs in any golf arsenal. They usually come in sets of up to 13 clubs with varied loft angles for different distances as well as shots. When gifting the golf clubs or irons, one key thing to keep in mind – no matter what style you select – is that all three different types should ideally be custom fitted to the person’s golf swing for producing optimum results.

The Golf wedges: They are a very crucial part of the game of golf. It can have dramatic results in the player’s score. During a round of golf, one plays 70 per cent of the shots from 120 yards (or closer) to the pin! In your quest to get the best golf wedge as a gift, it’s important to find out how a wedge shot really works. Also, the make up of the golf club wedge is as vital as its versatility.

Putters: For golfers of all abilities and ages putters remain the most creative and personal piece of equipment in their kits. Since there is no exact way to ‘putt’ the ball in the ‘hole’, putters nowadays come in all different shapes and sizes. When you are selecting one as a gift, keep a few basics in mind. Try to get one, which will feel comfortable in your hand with respect to good weight and balance. Ideally, the person whom you want to gif t it should make it to the shop at the time of buying it. If you are buying online, there are tools to guide you in this regard. Ensure that is appealing to eyes.

The golf equipment makes a great gift for any occasion.

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