Gold is considered more as a valuable asset for future. Primarily stored more for its ornamental value in the past, people now hold it as an investment.

Leading jewelry designer brands like Tanishq regularly comes up with contemporary collections. A case in point is their popular Jodhaa & Akbar – a series of jewelry in 22k pure gold brilliantly embossed with precious and semi-precious stones in Polki, Kundan, and magnificent Meenakari works. The captivating collection was inspired by royal jewels of epic love saga of Jodhaa-Akbar. Nirvana’s ravishing diamond jewelry series looks to address the new age customer who buys jewelry as a fashion statement, and not merely as a valuable to keep.

A couple of years ago, The World Gold Council (WGC) tried to explore spiritual connection of the popular yellow metal with India’s heritage and mythology. The council apparently was searching for the precious metal’s intrinsic value beyond prices. It is thinking of appointing an expert on Indian mythology, Dr Devdutt Pattanaik, as a consultant. Dr Devdutt Pattanaik was asked to come up with innovative ways for fitting gold in spiritualism. The idea was to look at gold beyond just market price. For this it tried to strike a mythological chord with those spiritually inclined. WGC, as is known, has developed into a worldwide organization funded by the leading gold mining firms.

Gold ETF is another r opportunity for buying gold bullion for gifting purpose. Generally, the price of one unit of gold ETF represents roughly one gram of gold. These are passively managed funds hence their NAV will basically track the gold price in the open market. The holder can buy and sell the units just like one would buy and sell shares.

Despite recent correction after a sustained rally, gold prices are expected to firm up further over the coming few years. This will lead to a corresponding increase in the NAV of gold ETFs. Especially owing to the debasement that many countries are subjecting their respective currencies to, bullion would emerge as a valuable asset. Someone looking to give a meaningful gift sure should consider gold ETFs.

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