Glittering gift choices

In a blog post last week, we considered some exquisite jewelry sets for collection and gifting. Nirvana range has some unmatched contemporary designs that have found an echo in the modern woman’s heart.

A case in point is the swirl of emotions captured in its new Swirlz Collection. Shaped and styled rhythmically, it celebrates the feelings of womanhood. Carved and styled into flowing patterns of twists and twirls, the exquisite collection includes intricate earrings – pendant sets.

You can accessorize it with something like Milano’s reptile print handbags, a stylish gift for a woman! The collection is unique having been crafted from top quality leathers dyed, embossed to look like a ravishing reptile skin. This famous Italian luxury brand has on offer beautiful bags for women. These handsome handbags are crafted with supple, supreme quality Italian leather that is embossed with snazzy snake and crocodile prints.

The 22 ct Gold Collection from Ola Jewellery is another glittering choice to bring that glint into a female’s eyes! The range is aimed at women who like to wear jewellery every day at work or while going out, as well as those who normally prefer to use it for special occasions. The 22ct collection comprises rings and superlatively finished pendants.

And why not consider jewelry for men as well? Times are changing, and so also the concepts of fashion! Jewelry is no more limited to females and not their prerogative anymore, so to say! Keeping this in mind, many jewelry brands are launching exclusive creations for men!

The Cocoon, a jewelry store in New Delhi, has on offer diamond jewelry collection for men, including a simple ring for men who prefer minimalism, a more flamboyant ring and other variations. Men can also go for hard diamonds for a masculine feel to rings, bracelets and neckpieces from Golconda diamond jewelry collection from Frazer & Haws.

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