Give away ‘inspiring stories’ of MFPA artists from India

The original idea behind forming of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists was to sustain themselves through their inherent artistic talents, and to nurture a sense of security, which had eluded them. Blending his business acumen with creative abilities, he established a co-operative body for reproducing its member artists’ work in the form of calendars, cards and books.

Jayantilal Shihora

At the age of 14 he lost both arms in an accident with a firework. He describes the months following as a ‘dark period full of depression’. Five years after his accident he learned that there were artists who could paint with their mouth or feet. With perseverance and diligence he practiced drawing and writing with a pencil in his mouth. Soon afterwards he was able to control both a pencil and paintbrush in his mouth. In 1963 he received a scholarship from the association which gave him the opportunity to begin his studies of the fine arts. In 1964 Jayantilal won the first prize for his artwork. He mainly paints oil and tempera pictures. At first he painted landscapes and sea scenes before focusing on traditional Indian art.

Augustine Swapna

She was born without arms in Kerala in January 1975. Already as a child she made a habit of performing all tasks, including painting and drawing, with her feet. As her talent for art was soon discovered, her parents and teachers gave her the necessary support and encouragement to continue painting when she was only a schoolgirl. Her paintings were published in students’ newsletters and youth magazines.

Ganesh Kumar

At the age of just one, he was affected by polio. Mr. Kumar started painting at the age of 3. He did not attend school but he learned to write and read in English. Everything he does, is self-taught. At the moment Mr. Kumar’s work consists of over 6000 paintings.

Hari Ram Kohli

The artist from Maharashtra fractured his spinal column while doing gymnastic exercises; as a result his limbs remained paralyzed and he became a quadriplegic. In 1978, he started teaching himself to draw and to paint with his mouth. He earned his living by painting greeting cards with his mouth. Mr. Kohli has sold over 5000 original paintings, mostly flower and animal themes till date.

There are several such MFPA artists from India whose inspiring stories are reflected in their beautiful works. By gifting them you are propagating a truly noble cause.

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