Gifts to soothen frayed bodies and minds

Most of us do not lead very exciting lives. Our days are governed by the wall clock in office and we are sitting for the better part of the day. Here are some great gifts that will make anybody’s day much better:

Muscles – From a small foot massage machine or a high-backed massage chair, these great stress-busters are available in many shapes and sizes. As a boss, you could buy one for the department or your special core team to use as and when they please. They make great gifts for a potential partner too. As employees, you could pool in and buy one for the boss.

Eyes – Eyes undergo the most stress as they are forced to stare into computer screens most of the times. Other than basic eye exercises which you can learn about from an optician, eye-masks are easily available nowadays. Best when chilled, these masks cool your eyes down and reduce puffiness. As a boss, ensuring a regular supply to your team will enable them to work better. Studies have proven that occasional breaks are great for the working mind. And peppermint or cucumber eye masks are great for the eyes.

Skin – You may not realise it but the skin gets very dehydrated in an air-conditioned environment. While as a boss it might be great to switch the AC on for regulated periods of time in the day, it’s not good for the machines. Bottled skin sprays are great to rejuvenate one’s sense of being. Preferably choose moisturising ones from a reputed brand or a mineral spray like Evian bottled mountain spring water. They’re not as costly as they sound and well worth their price. Certain brands also have facial wipes enriched with Vitamin E that are great for the skin and lend one a pretty, subtle fragrance too.

These little objects go a long way to protecting your health while your fingers click-clack away on the keyboards. They’re simple but take care of essentials that you probably don’t have time to look into at a gym or through home-cooked meals. So remember these pointers on this special day of this month.

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