Perfect gifts for your close business associates

A corporate gift should be of some value and use to the person. Why not look for something that will serve as a perfect companion to constant travelers. Cosmetics/toiletries bag (any business traveler will need a durable long-lasting and attractive bag); passport Holder (to protect the most valuable possession); and sunglasses (an ultimate ‘cool’ fashion accessory) will also be ideal to gift to your close business associates.

For someone who is looking to immerse in video his or her iPod during long journeys, Myvu Personal Media Viewer with a brilliant picture quality is ideal! It’s an offering that will change the person’s world when he or she straps on this new personal media accessory for enjoying a hands-free, big-screen personal viewing experience.

It can be connected to 30 GB, 60 GB or 80 GB iPod with video to for large screen action wherever the person happens to be. It comprises built-in video viewing and audio systems. A tiny pendant gives easy access to playback and also brightness controls.

Myvu ensures the user will never run out of steam thanks to included AC and car adapters for charging. The included power pack increases the iPod Video’s playback time up to eight hours on one single charge! This fully Loaded Personal Media Viewer is an ideal companion will provide convenient, immersive video playback! It’s a perfect road-trip companion!

Another great pick is a wireless Plug-in Hands-free. It’s a coveted gadget thanks to its great looks and sound. The wireless accessory is a perfect gift for those who tend to spend a lot of time on the wheels and are looking for a device that will help them keep in touch with their personal as well as business contacts.

What makes a wireless Plug-in Hands-free a great gift? First of all, it is easy-to-install and quite user-friendly. It has several useful features. For example, backlight illumination makes calls easily even in the dark. It makes use of a compatible phone safely while in the vehicle via Bluetooth wireless technology.

It allows you to accept / reject/ terminate calls with ease using the simple interface. You can use the flexible hinge for positioning the device in the vehicle lighter socket. It lets you enjoy perfect audio quality thanks to the built-in digital signal processing technology that cancels echo and reduces noise. On top of all this, it is very stylish.

You can customize your choice based on the person’s need, status and the extent of your business relationship. Importantly, you can put a logo of your company on these presents to ensure brand recall. This is what make travel accessories truly perfect gifts.

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