Gifts that encapsulate Orissa’s rich culture

Orissa boasts a rich and enduring cultural heritage. Owing to the reigns of different rulers over the centuries, the culture and arts and crafts traditions of the state underwent many modifications, assimilations and new creations.

The skills of the native artists are spellbinding. They produce various intriguing objects, and compiling them is an exciting part of a holiday in the state. The sacred land of Lord Jagannath of Puri has on offer many charming and colorful gifts.
Handicraft items (Appliqué work, Brass and Bell metal, Silver Filigree, Stone Carving, Lacquer, Papier Mache, Horn Work, Wood Carving) and Handlooms make a must-buy. Of all the handicrafts available in Orissa, probably the most unique and the finest is silver filigree. This ethnic piece of creation is called tarakasi locally.

Metal craft of Orissa is also renowned and widely practiced. It is perhaps the most important craft in terms of the number of craftspeople engaged in it. It harbors close links with the daily life of the people of this state. The craft has been mastered by the Kansari caste termed metalsmiths. Another variety dhokra is also popular.

Appliqué is a French term. It is a technique by which decorative effect is attained by superposing patches of colored fabrics on a basic fabric. It is different from what is known as patchwork. Though the form is not unique to Orissa, it is the state and especially its Pipli region that the craft has been followed over centuries.

Horn articles of the state are mystical. They are blended with contemporary designs. Their lively appearance and dynamism vie with the real objects of nature. They are available in a wide spectrum of utilities like combs, pen stands, and decorative figures. The art and craft articles form Orissa form a memorable memento for your near and dear ones.

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