As glam-girl of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone celebrated her birthday, journalists asked her about gifts and pleasant memories of the occasion. And here’s what the bold beauty had to say…

“The birthday parties that my mother used to organize for me were memorable. She would invite all of my friends, cut a cake, play games, and also give goodbye gifts.” Which is the first major gift she fondly remembers getting on her birthday? She got her first laptop on her 18th birthday from her parents. But she now doesn’t expect any gifts from anyone. Her rationale is: “I really work hard; treat myself to whatever I wish (to have)…”

Deepika recently got possession of a posh apartment in South Mumbai, and there were rumors, unconfirmed though she was gifted it. More than such grand statements, sometimes even small gifts or gestures, which make a relationship truly special, excite her. Deepika in fact, gave a romantic gift to her boyfriend on his birthday. What was it that she gifted Siddharth Mallya on his last birthday?

A rich person like him has almost all material things So she was in a fix as to what to give her beau. Of course, she didn’t wish to get something glossy for him. She rather wished to give a personal touch to it. Guess what special she got for him? She compiled a dazzling digital album of all the special moments the two had shared together so far and presented it to him.

He was indeed touched by the gesture, particularly since she had given it a personal touch more so because she had taken the efforts to customize it carefully. There’s a lesson to be learnt; a personal touch and an element of customization makes a gift truly special…     Interestingly, another glam-girl of Bollywood Bipasha Basu celebrated her birthday on January 7. She has decided to celebrate the occasion for 11 long days in a grand way. She was quoted as saying that the ‘Players’ (her new movie) promotion crew would to have to celebrate her birthday during the tour.

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