Gifts that blend modern and traditional cultural facets

There are some wonderful wall hangings that sure will add a whole new dazzling dimension to the beauty of your office or home walls. Those produced by indigenous tribes in Gujarat have always been very popular. A great combination of aesthetics with practicality, dazzling dry flowers will make the surroundings look more beautiful. Here are some fabulous gifting products that blend modern and traditional cultural facets courtesy Tribes India.

Wall hangings

These unique pieces originate from one of the most ancient forms of art prevalent in Gujarat. Creations of the Bhil tribes of Western Gujarat, mainly Dahod district, they are basically strings and door hangings made out of cotton cloths and stuffings of recycled material. Originally, these tribes used to create dolls for children, showcasing their sense and spontaneous expressions of creativity. With contemporary design inputs, the wall hangings are now beautifully adorned with mirror work, zari work, stones and beads. They have assumed further refinement to meet the demands of changing fashion trends and consumer preferences.

Dazzling dry flowers

They will act a s perfect substitute to fresh flowers to beautify both indoor and outdoor ambience. Their chemical makeup consist of dried parts of plants like flowers, fruits, seeds, husks, and branches etc. that combine to give variable shapes, sizes and scents. They are also used to embellish many items such as handmade paper, lampshades, photo frames, candle holders and cards. The constantly expanding domestic and international demands have made dry flowers a huge economic incentive to the country, especially the female population of the North-east. The aesthetic appeal and eco-friendly nature are definite advantages but the aroma of this craft will leave behind lasting memories.

Metal craft from HP

In its new avatar, the glittering colors of the metallic adornment on woodwork from Himachal Pradesh are brought about by a specialized chemical treatment giving the items a unique identity. Although the state’s handicraft had not enjoyed much patronage earlier, continuous innovation has resulted in a gradual growth in its demand in domestic and international markets.

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