We all know that Mother’s Day is such an important occasion and each one of us will wish to shower our mom, even aunt or grandma, or whoever else that one thinks has made us what we are today on this special occasion. This is the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude and heartfelt feelings towards the most caring person in our lives.

While there is not really a way of paying her back fully for all that she has done and continues to do for you, a timely token of appreciation and affection to accompany that card inscribed with your thank you note is a great gesture. And whichever of these high-end tech gift items you opt to give, there is an easy option to suit all budgets, mentions Chandra Steele in an article in the PCmag.

While flowers will always rule the day, a tech-oriented gift is a welcome one, too. The toughest part though, might be choosing something that she both will love as well as will also genuinely needs. And no, just forget about getting your mother that trendy item you have been coveting for some time, secretly because she may be more inclined towards simplicity and functionality. (Yes, we know from ogling the latest tech daily what a tricky or tempting urge that indeed can be to overcome.)

How do you know which gift she’ll be happy to unwrap? You have it easy if she’s been hinting about how much she likes those e-readers all the other book club ladies have. Other signs may be more subtle, so quietly observe if she is talking about things that could make her gym visits more enjoyable, like a fitness tracker or a new pair of headphones. Maybe she’s asked you about 3D printing and would be thrilled to get an object she’d never guess was created layer by layer from a desktop machine.

Even when you have chosen something (and have convinced your siblings successfully chip in), budgets do vary. Then what you ideally have in mind and what your wallet can afford may well be two distinct sums. Keeping this in mind, PCMag put together a few gift ideas at two price points each. It included trendy tablets, 3D-printed jewelry, and pretty iPhone cases.

Click the link below to browse through the elaborate gallery so as to get just the right tech gift splurge or steal for picking and wrapping one for your dear mom:


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