Gifts, a perfect way to enhance your business relationships

Holly Kahan terms herself a good ‘relationship person’, specifically referencing the importance and value of long-term business relationships because they directly or indirectly impact success of a company. Her belief in solid, strong business contacts forms the core of her exclusive corporate gift & gift basket business, named Holly Barry House, based in Highland Park.

She quips in an interview that her company in a way is an out-and-out marketing company. She first worked at an ad agency four years before starting her own ad agency that she operated for almost 15 years prior to setting up the new gifting oriented business that uses gift objects as a perfect vehicle to establish and enhance business relationships.

Her venture, Holly Barry House is named after the couple. Barry got its formal start two decades ago, after Holly Kahan attended a marketing lecture, which focused on the great importance of carrying on a relationship marketing activity that resonated with her ethos. With literally thousands of gifts that she finds at the various gift & food events across the country, Holly Barry helps professionals and business owners choose and send away appropriate gifts to their esteemed clients with the aim of increasing or acknowledging the value of the existing relationships.

She deals with key personal information in the respective people’s live. Kahan elaborates to state: If they have a baby, a hospitalization, a death in the family, it’s appropriate to evidence the relationship with a gift to let them realize you value the particular relationship.” Kahan adds that when any client calls to tell her they want a gift, she then asks several questions so as to give creative suggestions. She asks about the occasion, and also how much they would be willing to spend, and what they know personally about that client such as food preferences or other interests.

The gifts that she picks include baby gifts, comfort and some timely get well gifts, men’s gifts, holiday items, gourmet foods, golf-related gifts, profession-specific gifts, diversity items etc that will reflect different cultures and marketing themes.

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