Gifts and jokes – I

It’s vacation time; it’s fun time, so Giftex blog is here to make you smile. We present jokes and interesting anecdotes about gifting.

A surprise gift for the teacher

“It was the last day of Bittu’s school. All his fellow students were thinking of a present for their class teacher. Bittu, a florist’s son, stood up and gave his teacher a big box.

The teacher said to him, I shall bet these are flowers!” The boy asked, “How did you know?”

“Just a lucky guess, my child,” he stated. Next, came Sittu whose family ran a candy store. He also stood up and gave the class teacher a box. He immediately said he knew it was candy. When the amazed boy asked her how the teacher knew it, he again quipped, “Just a lucky guess, my child.”

Finally, came Mittu, a girl whose father owned a liquor shop. She came up and gave her teacher another box. But one of its corners had become damp from a leak. The class teacher asked the girl if it was wine. The girl said, “No.”

The teacher touched the leaking liquid and put it to his tongue and asked if it was a bottle of champagne. The girl again said no. Finally, the teacher gave up and asked her what was there in the box.

Mittu said with a big smile on her face, “It’s a surprise gift for you, teacher; it’s a puppy!”

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