Handy ideas for Valentine’s gifting

If you and your spouse work in the same office you must have already been teased about upcoming Valentine’s Day. It is a special day that should be celebrated even if in a modest way. And considering the average workplace – it should be kept modest.

With some light-hearted office nudging about this day, you are sure to remember Valentine’s Day and get something special for your wife. You can never go wrong with flowers, but flowers are just the basic prelude to the real gift. It doesn’t have to be big, or flashy or expensive, but it has to come from the heart.

Diamonds, they say, are a girl’s best friend. If you’re saving up for the real thing for your anniversary, buy a trinket made with her birthstone. Skip the usual earring or neck piece if your wife is confident about experimenting, and get her a delicate waist chain to wear with her sari or anklets.

A sari, of course, would be the simplest piece to choose, considering that you cannot go wrong with the size, but instead of getting her the usual kind she normally wears, buy her a Gara or a Marathi sari or a South Indian style that she has never worn before. A woman prizes her sarees like men do their cigars.

Remember that while it is great for you to receive something handy and useful around the house, a woman prefers something fun, decorative and something that sends her flying to Cloud Nine, like a pair of sexy shoes or a classy handbag. You may not understand the craving, but give in to it.

If you’re good with your hands, create a labor of love. A book shelf that she has long wanted just so and cannot find in the market, or a shoe rack. But nothing spells love like being gifted a priceless, long-forgotten heirloom, for women value gifts which carry the weight of a sentiment. Like procuring a pearl necklace which belonged to her great grandmother or the last perfume her mother used before she passed away.

Bear in mind that a woman appreciates the time and energy spent on making the right choice and surprising her only adds to the excitement of opening a present.

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