Gifting knowledge and inspiration

At a delicate and defining stage of their life and career, teenage students need proper grasping of the events happening around them. They also need resources to properly process the deluge of information that will stand them in good stead as they get ready for the challenges ahead. Books and publications, which help and guide them in this process, will make the most precious gift.

Each edition of Manorama Yearbook, invariably more than a 1000-page volume, is designed and projected as a special general knowledge resource, which offers students, quizzers and scholars a great deal of new and updated information. It can make the perfect gift since it’s a handy learning aid that has also progressively become informative every year. As a record of the year gone by, the yearbooks is an elegant summary and ready reckoner. A yearbook is easier to refer to and more credible as well.

One cannot really deny the fact that digital resources are more widely and easily accessible – on laptops, desktops and even on mobile devices. However, they cannot fully substitute the joy of checking the facts physically by going through a book. And that’s exactly what a yearbook will do for a diehard reader or a knowledge seeker. Apart from being highly, they present information in an easily digestible format.

For example, serving as a rich database of general knowledge, the Competition Success Review (CSR) maintains that it is the only publication, which has promoted and stuck to the concept of positive thinking. It mentions: “The idea of success is so deeply embedded with the ethos of CSR that the reader is motivated to focus on the goal and put in his best. You dream success; you live success and ultimately achieve it.” Staying tuned to the changing times CSR offers an outlet to the changing world and our country. CSR yearbook and other Genera Knowledge (GK) books make a thoughtful gift for the career-minded students who are on the verge of entering a new challenging world.

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