Gifting industry can capitalize on the retailers’ relationship-building thrust

Retailers cutting across product categories are eager to offer a more enriching and holistic shopping experience for their consumers to build a rapport win their loyalty. The idea is not sell the products but provide a visitor-friendly setting that people are more comfortable so that they don’t mind spending some extra time there and end up making purchases, in the process.

An article in The DNA publication by Nupur Anand mentions that retailers are increasingly looking to sustain a long term relationship that focus on short term deals exactly what corporate gifting industry always tries to achieve. And this is where it can fit in by coming up with unconventional gifting ideas that these store managers can bundle together as a complete package.

Watches and More, has revamped the stores to ensure that shopping experience in a store is laced with entertainment. Apart from organizing events within the store, it also now has a complementary vending machine and has also replaced cash counters with tablets. On the other hand, in the toy retailing space, store owners are also looking at ways to encourage consumers to stay longer in the store. For instance, in the flagship stores of Simba Toys, the management has set up a small play area that allows kids to play with a selection of toys for free.

Similarly, Landmark, the books and toy stores run by Tata group, allows kids to participate in several activities in the summer season, free of charge. Its category head (toys, stationery & sports), Rajaram, quipped, “We organize several festivals and carnivals during the summer break for children as the idea is to encourage them to come to the store and spend time.”

For example, The Mobile Store Lounge, a mobile phone retail chain, has now revamped its stores adding more features to boost customer experience. It has an Android zone that allows consumers to download apps and transfer data from the phone for free. Even though store merchandising has always been an important part of the store layout, industry experts such as Vaidya believe that retailers need to constantly give consumers that “something extra” to encourage walk-ins.

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