Gifting calendars and dazzling diaries on New Year eve


The exchange of catchy calendars and dazzling diaries is a corporate ritual that is invariably associated with the New Year celebrations. While these are seen as marketing tools by most firms, some go an extra mile so as to turn them into a brand building exercise.

You can either gift the conventional, formal-looking leather jacket diary or opt for a trendy, theme diary that is a collector’s item. For example, for exchanging the New Year greetings, a communications firm made diaries based on theme of human values and branded the same as ‘a companion in the journey of life’.

The diaries, which were gifted, carried interesting and thought-provoking anecdotal stories underlining human values. It was very well received and became a talking point among the corporate circles.

This year, if you are looking for an affordable albeit eye-catching option for New Year gifting, ADINDIA is your ultimate resource. They are the leaders in the domain of corporate gifting, especially diaries. ADINDIA presents the finest, the most sophisticated and exquisite range of classy corporate diaries and other gifts in genuine leather.

Their product range comprises:
• Business Organizers/Planners
• Theme Based Diaries
• Page a day/ Week Planning Diaries
• Management Diaries
• Executive Diaries
• Address Books / Notebooks
• Monthly Monitors
• Table and Personal Diaries
• Corporate Leather Gifts
• Appointment Desk Diaries
• Desk Tops
• Other Utility Gifts

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