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It is important for companies to understand the importance of branding and image building, hence the benefits of corporate gifting can never be underestimated. While there is a wide variety of corporate gifts available in the market, we need to select the most appropriate and cost-effective objects, which meets our core purpose of brand building.

Apart from considering our business needs, we should consider aspects like brand promotional value, utility, quality of the product and of course, the price. Taking all these things into account, here are few tips which will enable you to the most economic yet quality gifts:

•    One of the important criteria while selecting a corporate gift is quality. The product should meet their status and position. If the company fails to deliver a quality gift, it would only spoil their goodwill. The behavior of the recipient would then most likely change if you end up giving them a low quality object.

•    Other important criteria for choosing a corporate gift is its utility. Promotional products like desktop articles, pens, t-shirts, bags prove to be very useful. They bring out the desired result in most cases and are most effective because of their utility to a broader category of people like housewives, employees, students and so on. Such gifts can surely bring about positive results for the companies.

•    The last but not the least important factor while selecting a right corporate gift is the budget. Though it is true that clients wouldn’t mind expensive gifts, it is important for companies to choose the right budget that brings out greater Return on Investment. It is of no good investing huge sums and bringing the same amount of business as is it otherwise would have come with a smaller investment.

•    Here are some gifting ideas that might interest you: Garments, Watches, Reading Lamps, Pen Holders, Pen Sets, Mugs / Cups, Art Sculptures, Paintings, Flower Pots, Table Clocks, Perfumes, Candles and Candle Holder, etc.

If you are still confused about selecting the right gift for your clients, why not visit Giftex 2013.

Venue:     Nehru Centre, Worli,  Mumbai
Date:    2nd August to 5th August, 2013
Timing: 11.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

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