Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Flavoursome Chocolates

Choose from the range of finest handmade chocolates with Flavoursome Chocolates.

“Anything is good if it’s made out of chocolate.”

Jo Brand

Bang on!!! What better way to express my feelings. I really can’t begin to describe my deep, deep love for chocolates. It’s just the best thing that you wanna buy. The best thing that god has ever created. Smooth, melt in the mouth, luxuriant, silky, heavenly and bliss. Chocolate is the only thing that satiates our heart, soul and senses. Whenever I enter a chocolate shop, the immediate instinct is to buy dozens and dozens of chocolates. Well I certainly do that! 😉

And no matter how much food goes in the tummy, there is always a room for little chocolate. No doubt in it! Well this will go on and on and on….


Coming to my journey as a homemade flavored chocolate maker, it goes way back to the year 2008. I still remember the very first experience of making the chocolate. Honestly, it was hell and a mess. Trust me! But there is a great saying, “All well that ends well!” The outcome was thrilling yet peaceful. That very moment I had decided, if there is any happiness in this world, it’s in making chocolates for your loved ones.


Only chocolate has the power to excite us and is something that you can never have enough of it. It lightens your mood and gives that kick start. This belief has inspired me to endeavour new things and new flavours. I had tried many new flavours and will keep trying for more.


Ten years back what had started as a sweet little attempt, has taken the shape of a company today. All the credit goes to my friends and family for continuously supporting and motivating me. It feels so ecstatic and content. The one thing I would like to express is I am sharing my passion for chocolates off the streets and can see the transformation on people’s face when they feel the taste and give their feedback.


May god give me all the strength to keep giving my best shot and make people feel delighted and cheerful. On this note, I would conclude by saying,


“If there’s no chocolate in the heaven, I am not going there.”

Jean Seabrook, Furry Logic Laugh at Life

Find an array of options in handmade chocolates to make your corporate gifts with Flavoursome Chocolates. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at


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