Giftex 2017 Exhibitors Talk – Éntisi

Giftex exhibitors talk about their experience and expectations about Giftex. Have a look. 

Q. What kind of product categories / sub categories do you offer for the Expo?

Ans. Éntisi is a premium chocolate brand working with the finest ingredients around the world and producing chocolates, which give the consumer delight in every bite. To go where no one has ever been with chocolate, rescuing the pure essence of the noble cocoa is éntisi’s passion. That is why we are constantly searching to find only the finest cocoa, fruits and nuts, because if you have great ingredients, it makes everything better.

Every piece of chocolate will take you on a trip to discover sophistication, unique gift creations, handmade artistry and an exclusive style. Whether it is for your own personal consumption or a gift, we assure you an experience of delight and ecstasy from the time of choosing our creations to savoring them.


Q. What are the types of buyers you expect at Giftex (Corporates/ Distributors/ Dealers/ Small Enterprises/ Retailers)?

Ans. Éntisi chocolates are a perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you belong to a corporate or a boutique enterprise, we have something for all to offer. We have specially curated gifting for occasions like:

  • Diwali
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Baby shower and baby announcement
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events

Our corporate sales staff will be happy to assist you with all your corporate gift or event needs. Whether you like personalized gifts, a chocolate mural for a special event or a hot chocolate for a meeting, our chocolate specialists are happy to help you all year long.

  • Selection of personalized products or events adapted to your budget
  • Preparation and delivery of your gifts
  • Events with our chocolate specialists at the location of your choice.

Our gifting collection celebrates the hues of chocolate in a myriad exotic flavours like pista, saffron, coconut, raspberry, matcha (Japanese green tea), hazelnut to name a few. Each creation makes a statement and encourages us to escape to our own secret garden of chocolate.

We are also looking to connect with retailers for some of our exclusive products in the retail range. We have some exclusively made Nut chocolate bars, Dragees  (nuts coated with chocolate) and Single Origin chocolate bars, which we would like to put across through retailers.


 Q. How did the Giftex Expo benefit you(if you have participated before)?

Ans. We are exhibiting for the first time in Giftex 2017.


Q. Are there any possible intra-business opportunities within the expo?

Ans. We are open to intra-business opportunities within the expo. We will be more than happy to work with other gifting solution companies e.g.: we can provide our chocolates with another company’s gifting hamper or packaging. However we will be open to doing this with companies that are not into chocolate manufacturing themselves.


Q. How does the Giftex Expo benefit you being held whilst having festivals around the corner?

Ans. Éntisi is a new company started in May 2017 and we have everything to offer under the roof of chocolate gifting. With Ganesh Chaturthi, RakshaBandhan and Diwali around the corner, we see Giftex Expo in helping us reaching out to the masses to inform them about our presence. We customize gift boxes with sleeves of personalized logo, company name in the color of your choice and a message of your choice.


Q. How do you consider Giftex being a pioneer expo as platform to launch a new product or overseas business expansion? 

Ans. At éntisi we keep coming up with new products, whether it is with new exotic flavors or packaging. We are constantly in search for something new and different, which people haven’t tried before and we guarantee that we can provide with the best quality products. For us Giftex can be a platform to inform people about our new products and help us connect with the corporates in and outside India.

Meet and network with éntisi and many more companies at Giftex 2017. Giftex has been a premier exhibition in providing solutions to all the corporate gifting issues since three decades. Visit Giftex 2017 from 28 – 31 July at Nehru Center, Worli to experience the Indian corporate gifting industry.

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