Giftex 2012 provided clues and options to the right corporate gift ideas

A major attraction of the Giftex show every year is the wide array of options it offers on corporate gifting. It also looks to create an awareness of techniques and advantages of a corporate gifting program thanks to experts with a vast experience in the gifting industry attending the gift. Same was the case at this year’s mega gifting event a well!

Getting the right gift to impress clients has always been a tricky topic. There are so many decisions to be made like how much should be spent on corporate gifting exercise. It depends on your business scale and the worth of your crucial clients. However, an expensive item may not go well with some clients. So the first rule of thumb for you as a gift giver is to know your respective clients first before you select a gift for them. You need to be discreet and selective. The Giftex 2012 provided you with various such clues to getting the right corporate gift.

After you have determined the dynamics including purpose of gift giving to fit the budget, your next challenge is deciding what? Depending on the situation and the occasion there are many options available (as you has just found out at the Giftex exhibition). Something with an inherent thought behind it is always appreciated. This sure will strengthen your bonds with your corporate clients.

Logo or no logo is another decision to make. Whether to put your company logo or not is a matter of personal choice. Everyone loves seeing their company logo on products, but not every recipient would appreciate it. If you are confident of having selected a gift, which will make a lasting impression, you need not put your company logo on it.

The recipient will remember you by the gift itself if it is ‘different’ and thoughtful. It must help you and your brand stand out from the clutter. So instead of going for plain diary as a gift, you may get one made from exquisite handmade paper with the recipient’s name nicely embossed on it. Being distinctive in approach towards gifting would make sure that the person would always remember you every time he or she sees or uses your gift.

For this, an array of economical, ecelctic and exclusive options were provided by manufacturers, distributors and vendors at Giftex 2012.

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